Landscape Lighting

we use only top quality outdoor lighting products with 5 year and Lifetime warranties

Enjoy Your Landscape Into The Night

With thousands of dollars invested in your property, patios, decks, gardens, pools, hot tub’s, buildings, walkways, trees, shrub and plants why not like them and enjoy then into the evening and night? Adding a Landscape Lighting system has many benefits including safely lite walkways and stairs, visual effects on trees, gardens, shrubs and plants as well as security, mood, romance and more!  With so many incredible styles to choose anything is pretty much possible!


Why Force One uses LED


LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are compact, solid-state light sources that offer significantly longer operating lifetimes than most other lamps, including halogen, and offer consistent beam patterns without variation. LED lamps  are also vibration-resistant, turn on instantly, provide directional light output, and perform well in cold temperatures.

By using less power to emit the same amount of light as a halogen or incandescent lamp, low-voltage LEDs help you to save money and energy. The lower voltage of LED lights also inhibits system voltage drop, so your lighting designs can utilize thinner cables in more simplified layouts.

LED lights are more efficient than both incandescent and halogen!

  • Halogen lamps generally operate at 12-15 lumens per watt efficacy (lpw) whereas LED lamps produce more than 40 lpw.
  • A 6W MR16 LED lamp produces equivalent light to a 20W halogen lamp while consuming less than 1/3 of the power.
  • With an average daily run time of 6 hours, 10 LEDs would save .84 KW/h per day, or 307 KW/hr per year, equally approximately $37 per year (based on a national average of $.12/KWhr).

Overall, by replacing halogen lights with LED lamps, you reduce your CO2 output by 70kg per year.

LED lamps have an L70 rating of 40,000 hours – 8 to 10 times longer than a halogen lamp.

  • At 6 hours per night run time, LED lamps last approximately18.25 years.
  • With a rated lifespan of 4-5000 hrs, halogen lamps last only 2.5 years.

Deck LightingStep & Deck Lighting

Small and unobtrusive, step and deck fixtures provide subtle enhancements to your landscape while providing safe passage around obstacles. These fixtures can be located inconspicuously around a patio or deck, concealed in the risers of steps and mounted under benches and railings while remaining practically hidden from view.


Up Lighting 2Inground Lighting

Compact, versatile and designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions, inground fixtures offer unmatched performance in an easily hidden housing. Inground fixtures are appropriate for most uplighting applications and are available in a wide variety of lamping choices. Their uncluttered design make them practically invisible during the   daytime as they blend with their surroundings.

Path LightingPath & Spread Lighting

The beauty of path and spread fixtures lies in the balance and harmony that results from the symmetrical lighting effects. Select the mood through the light spacing intervals, and create a pathway for the eye to travel. the diffused lighting and reduced glare from path and spread fixtures make them perfect for pathways, borders, steps, low foliage and decorative ground cover.


At FORCE ONE we use only top quality outdoor lighting products with 5 year and Lifetime warranties. Please call us for a free estimate or to receive more information on our complete product line.