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How A FORCE ONE System Works !


Having an FORCE ONE sprinkler system gives you control over when your lawn and gardens get water and how much your lawn and gardens get water. A network of piping is buried about 8″ to 12″ underground (depending on soil conditions) and connected to retractable sprinkler heads that are strategically grouped in certain positions in your lawn called zones. The sprinkler heads work on a pressure system that when the water goes through the pipe, it pushes them up above the ground. When the water pressure stops, they retract back down to ground level. Sprinkler heads in a garden are usually raised up above the soil on risers or tall spray head’s. They stay well above the ground so the water is not blocked by large foliage. How the water comes on and when is controlled by an electronic control that tells the valves when to open and close. A good investment to add to your system is a rain sensor or a Smart Controller. These units sense rainfall amounts and stop or adjust the amount of water that is needed for your lawn.

The Controller

is connected  to a set of valves located in a valve box in the lawn at the beginning of the system. The main water source comes into the valve box and flows through a manifold and then the water is supplied to the different valves, each valve supplies a ground of heads called a zone. The controller is set to open each valve separately, It tells the valve when to open, how much water to use and when to shut off. There are systems that don’t use controller that are manual, meaning you must open and close the system when you want it to go on and go off. Using this type, though, you need to be certain to remember to turn it off before you turn your lawn into your backyard pool.


Caring for Your Sprinkler System


Sprinkler systems need to be started in the spring and winterized in the fall as well as a little bit of maintenance now and then. Start ups are the time to turn the water and pressurize the system to make sure everything is preforming correctly and that no leaks or damage has occurred from the winter months. Checking all the heads for debris around them or grass and dirt that has covered them, checking that the heads are popping up, retracting and rotating smoothly as well as alignment. Make sure all information is correcRepairt in the controller like the time, date and program settings, check that the rain sensor is functioning correctly.  A quality FORCE ONE sprinkler system can save you time and money as well as increase the vale of your home!