WE have over 36 years experience in irrigation design, installation, sales, service & repair.

WE only install top quality products and the latest in technology.

WE are very Competitive offering a Better price than our competitors on equivalent systems.

WE back FORCE ONE INGROUND SPRINKLER SYSTEMS with the Best Warranties like our no hassle LIFETIME warranty on selected sprinkler heads, valves and Blu-Lock pipe fittings.Our clients deserve the best and we do our best to ensure they get it! With an average of 60 installs per year that’s over 2000 installs alone! We have designed and installed systems from Townhouse sized lots to Estate sized acreage and everything in between, as well as commercial properties for Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart, Cara Head Office, Industrial Plaza’s, Commercial Strips, Government Buildings and Lawn Bowling courts,  just to name a few. Whatever the water supply, be it town, city, well, sand point, pond, river or lake we have installed it, serviced it and repaired it!

Design2It’s About Design & Saving Water

FORCE ONE installs quality designed systems with well placed quality heads that not only provide head to head coverage as well as not to mix spray heads with larger gear heads on the same zone which leads to some areas getting to much water and some not getting enough. While maintaining a healthy landscape is the goal of a FORCE ONE System it will save you money over hand watering and time. 

FORCE ONE Smart System’s savings can range from 20% to over 50% while runoff is virtually eliminated. A FORCE ONE Smart System uses WIFI controllers and weather stations that began testing in the 1990’s. Since that time, testing has been conducted around the world in countries like the United States, Australia, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Hungary, and South Africa. Results of independent tests validate the effectiveness of products used in a FORCE ONE Smart System.


SaveIt’s About Saving Time & MoneyimagesWZYYZQB9

A FORCE ONE System will save you time as it is fully automatic which means no wasted hours and hours of dragging out the hoses and waiting to move the manual sprinkler around you property. Get in more Golf, Boating, RVing and Family Time for relaxation! A FORCE ONE System can save you as much as 30% water usage or more over hand watering which in turn saves you money.

FORCE ONE Smart System includes controllers that each represent the richest features set in their respective class. From Smart controllers to Smart Phones using the Internet and Blue Tooth! xiPadiPhone350_png_pagespeed_ic_sAZmNFktVz

By adding an On-Site Weather Station, a FORCE ONE Smart System controller enters a class of its own. ESP SMT

It has been said, “You buy the product only once, but you buy the water every month.” This fact alone is a great reason to invest in a FORCE ONE Smart System. With no service provider dependence, no recurring maintenance, and no user fees, a FORCE ONE Smart System pays dividends on your one-time investment every single month. A custom designed FORCE ONE Smart System can save you 20% to 50% off water usage compared to a standard irrigation system or even higher savings of up to 70% on hand watering producing the same green and fresh landscaping results.